From Manager of software and staffing companies:    “We have utilized the accounting and tax services provided by Halpin & Associates for about 5 years now.  They are a great group of professionals to work with.  Tom Halpin has created an environment, unlike most of the rest of today’s business world; where we actually have easy access for any questions we need answered or assistance we may need.”  Dan M.

"I have found Halpin & Associates to be extremely responsive to our requirements as a growing start-up company.  What I appreciate most is that they communicate what we need to do -- plus why and when -- clearly and succinctly.  I highly recommend their services."   Michael J. Kotwick, President, Clare Communications, Inc.

From 1040 filer with rental properties:    "It is true that your Consulting Company has helped us to reduce our TAX burden considerably and taken away my worries. You have been extremely effective and friendly in helping save my time by cutting down my paper work. Your fees are reasonable and you have excellent knowledge in Tax laws etc."   Gratefully yours, SP  

From estate beneficiary:    Thank you Vicki and Tom for all your hard work on this.  I know it wasn’t made easy for you.  I appreciate your help and your integrity in handling everything.  You did a wonderful job for us.”    Linda S.

"As my business grew I was pleased not only to have Tom & his associate at Halpin & Associates take care of my monthly accounting items & income tax They were also able to assist me in opening & filing a new corporation that I had developed."   Real Estate Broker 

 “After many years of struggle trying to find an accountant that could not only take care of my needs but also advise a close friend told me about Halpin and Associates.  The timing was perfect because my current acct. had just told me I owed $26.000 to the I.R.S. for year end.I was shocked.  Within days I brought everything to Tom and after a few weeks I was told the amount would be more like $10.000.  No funny stuff either.  All legit and nothing that might be a problem later.  It was his knowledge that saved me all that money.  Since then he has helped me to grow my company and know ahead of time what and when things need to be done.  His advice is always beneficial and the confidence I feel is worth every penny.  In every profession there are always a few that go far beyond the norm.  Tom Halpin and his staff are those kind of people to me.  I would'nt want anyone else in charge of my taxes.  It makes all the sense in the world to have someone with this kind of knowledge in charge of your taxes.  Thanks a million!”   Salon Owner